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Year 7 Extra Learning

Keywords: These are important to learn the definitions and spellings. 

- African Griot

- MC (Master of ceremonies) 

- Rapping 

- Rhyme 

- Slang

- Triad Chord (1,3,5)

- Bass Line (Riff/Ostinato)

- Tempo, Speed, allegro (fast) and largo (very slow)

- Structure, The order of the sections- beginning, middle, end- AB, ABA, Intro, verse, chorus ETC

- Double/ Single time. 


- Melody, The Tune, the bit you sing. 

- Pitch, high and low notes. 

- Dynamics, volume, forte (loud), Piano (quiet)

- Timbre/Instruments, The different sounds you create (e.g. click, stomp, clap, rub)

- Texture, How many different parts (thick, thin, monophonic, homophonic, polyphonic)

- Rhythm, A pattern of long and short notes

- Silence,........shush........a pause/break in the music. 

- Duration, How looooonng or short notes are.

The Griot tradition of West Africa | Sibo Bangoura |

Listen to the video and make your own notes.
1) write down any questions you have throughout the piece.
2) Research the instruments that are being played.
3) Research the Griot tradition of West Africa and create- a leaflet/ guide.

Will Smith - Men In Black (Video Version)

Listen to this song and comment on....
- Rhythms
- Rhymes
- Slang words
- Double/single time
- Bass line.

Ain't nothin' but a party - Sugarhill Gang

Listen to the song and create the following:
1) A Music Review. Write about the song and try to sell it to other people.
2) Draw the album cover (your own ideas) which relate to the song.
3) Identify what instruments are being used.
4) Explain what makes this a rap song. (Relate to the African Griots).