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Character List:


Lead roles with solo singing 

Roles without solo singing 

Ensemble and featured dancers 

Dorothy Gale- A young girl who has been transported to Oz. Sweet, brave and very loyal to her friends!  

  • Speak up, look out and project!  

Wizard of Oz- Magnificent at pretending to be very powerful! Should be able to be very eccentric and big!  

We have a small number of ‘challenging’ dance roles available.  

Scarecrow- Loveable and silly. Has no brain! Dorothy’s best friend!  

  • Walk in a funny way, as if you have a straw body! Very fluid and falls over easily!  

Captain and guards- Some are silly and comical; others are very strict and need to keep the others in check! 

Ensemble/ People of Oz. Lots of characters, posh/snooty, brash, energetic. Very over the top and fun!  

Tin Man- Has lost his heart. Will need to be able to walk robotically!  

Munchkins- Lots of different personalities. Some are grumpy, some are very happy, some are silly and some are posh!  


Lion- Is very scared and timid. Needs to find courage.  

  • Walks around scared, and always watching behind for anything scary!  

Winged Monkeys- These are enslaved by the wicked Witch to do all of her mean work! They are misunderstood and forced to be mean to Dorothy and her friends. You will need to be able to move like an animal/monkey. Not walk like a human!  


Wicked Witch of the West- Misunderstood which makes her very mean character! Needs to be able to scare people!   

Mice- * might change the animal 

These are small creates who help Dorothy. They are full of energy, positive and very helpful! A few might be sarcastic and moody!  


Glinda the good witch- very princess/ fairy godmother style. Very girly, loves pink and her Munchkins. A Little ditzy!  

She doesn’t have a song, but hopefully will sing acapella!  

Aunty Em- Dorothy’s aunty. Hard working, no nonsense but loves Dorothy dearly!  

  • Perhaps she has an American Accent? 




Uncle Henry- He is the joker in the family and works very hard. He is supportive and cares for his family…even when he is making bad jokes!  


Character List! Wizard of Oz 

As Mrs Savage is re-writing the script, there will be extra parts available. For your audition just… 

  1. Try your best! 

  2. Think of your character and how they would say the lines! 

  3. Project and speak clearly so we can hear you!