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Year 5 Transition

Welcome to the Witton! The Year 5 team are looking forward to meeting your child(ren) and I hope all of our new pupils are excited to begin their time with us. This year, we are delighted to announce that transition day across the Droitwich pyramid will take place on Monday 1st July. On this day, children will meet their new teacher, complete settling-in activities and get to know much more about the school and Year 5.


We fully appreciate there may be some nerves or concerns about what to expect in the first few days and weeks, rest assured we will be providing plenty of information and reassurance to make the transition as smooth as possible. We will have a focus on induction and helping pupils to settle into school life. This will start from the moment pupils arrive at the gates, where they will be met and welcomed by members of staff. Children will then be shown into the hall to meet their new class teacher.


Monday 1st July 2024 will be dedicated entirely to induction and settling in. The children will be based within their own classroom and the day will have a less formal structure, which includes:

  • Introductions from staff and ‘getting to know you’ activities.
  • Time allocated to discussion, questions and answer sessions to address any concerns.
  • Familiarising with school procedures, such as breaks and lunchtimes, and the school layout.
  •  A variety of fun and creative ‘settling-in’ tasks (including music, science and outdoor learning workshops).Pupils will be regularly reminded that, should they have any worries concerns or questions about any aspects of the school, they can always speak to their class teacher who will be very happy to help.




Information pack for parents- An information pack has been emailed out to you.  Copies of the documents included can be viewed in the PDF files below.