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Witton Middle School





You will be set homework on a Friday to be completed by the next Friday.

  • When the work is completed, you will receive an epraise point.
  • If the work is incomplete, you will have until Monday to complete it but will not receive an epraise point.
  • If the work is still incomplete on the Monday, you will receive a demerit.



You will be set nuggets on Century to support your learning in English and maths.


If you do not have a suitable device, please ask an adult to contact the office as we do have a small number of devices that can be loaned out.


The help sheet shows you how to log on and how to find your strengths and areas for improvement.

Times Tables Rock Stars

In addition to practising in the garage, you can challenge your friends and family in the arena.

  • Receive 1 epraise point each week for spending 25 minutes in the garage.

Spelling shed

You can choose different games to practise your spellings. You will need sound enabled.

  • Receive 1 epraise point each week for completing five games/tasks.


You should record your reading in your reading record five times per week. An adult should then sign this.

  • Receive 1 epraise point each week for recording 5 reads and having your record signe.d


To encourage you to read a variety of genres, try to complete the bookopoly board.

  • Receive 3 epraise points for each book you complete
  • Receive 5 bonus epraise points for completing a colour on the bookopoly board
  • Receive further epraise points by completing a challenge