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Year 5 Extra Learning

Keywords: These are important to learn the definitions and spellings. 

- Melody, The Tune, the bit you sing. 

- Pitch, high and low notes. 

- Dynamics, volume, forte (loud), Piano (quiet)

- Timbre/Instruments, The different sounds you create (e.g. click, stomp, clap, rub)

- Texture, How many different parts (thick, thin, monophonic, homophonic, polyphonic)

- Rhythm, A pattern of long and short notes

- Silence,........shush........a pause/break in the music. 

- Tempo, Speed, allegro (fast) and largo (very slow)

- Structure, The order of the sections- beginning, middle, end- AB, ABA, Intro, verse, chorus ETC

- Duration, How looooonng or short notes are.


An Introduction to the Elements of Music

Watch the information video of the elements of music. (Some of these elements you will know really well and others might be brand new- work your way through these slowly and thoroughly)
You should complete the following tasks:

1) Write notes about each of the elements of music.
2) Create a poster for each element, to help you remember what these words mean.
3) Test your spelling of these keywords.
4) Create a demonstration using your voice, body or household objects to show others what these words mean. For example Pitch (you could speak in a high voice, then in a low voice)

John Williams - Star Wars Main Theme स्टार वॉर्स スター・ウォーズシリーズ conducted by Andrzej Kucybała

Tasks for this video:
1) Listen to the piece in full with good speakers or headphones.
2) Write down all of the emotions, instruments, elements you can hear in a big long list.
3) Draw a story board of this song. When do the instruments start playing? Does it get really loud? Do any instruments stop? What is the conductor doing?
4) Write a mini music review explaining what you like, what you think could be better and would you recommend it to others.