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Year 5

Versini - Père Noël frappe à la porte - YourKidTv

Pére Noël frappe à la porte - Anny et Jean Marc Versini - YourKidTvYourKidTv : Auteurs, compositeurs, interprètes : Anny et...

J'aime les fruits - alain le lait (I like fruits)

30th November: here is this week's song. Can you sing along?

Les poissons - Alain LeLait

25 November 2020 - here is this week's song. Listen out for the rhyming words.

Au petit déjeuner - Alain Le Lait (Breakfast)

3rd November - here is this week's song about breakfast foods

quel age as tu?.m4v

Here is the short song we listened to in class. Can you sing along?

Léon le caméléon

Here is the song we listened to in class this week. Can you sing along? Where is Leon?

Numbers Song in French. Une Chanson des Chiffres.

Use this song to practice your numbers at home.

Bonjour, Bonjour! - alain le lait (French greetings)

This is the song we listened to in class. Can you sing along at home?

French vowels song

Use this song to practise your vowel sounds in French. Can you sing along? If you have used it to practise at home, ask a parent or carer to message Mrs Walker on epraise and you will get some epraise points.

Autumn Term 2020


Some of the things we are learning in year 5 French this term:


We will learn the sounds of letters and combinations of letters so that we can pronounce new French words

Building on first school learning in French, we will give greetings and have short conversations

We will learn to count in French or increase how far we can count

We will learn some key forms of verbs, eg j'ai, je suis

We will learn to pick out key ideas from short stories and songs in French


Have Fun with French


As well as doing your home learning, you could try some of these fun activities at home to practise your French



Find a mix of songs by Alain le lait on you tube by clicking on the link below.  Songs about numbers, greetings, parts of the body etc.  Find one you like and try singing along




Click the link below for some fun French games. Choose your game type, choose a topic and see what you can do!