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Pantastic Musical 2023

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It is with great excitement I share the news of our 2023 musical performance, Pantastic. It is the first time, within the last few years, that we have been able to rehearse and perform a live musical and we want this to be our best show yet!


Many of you will already be familiar with the benefits of being involved with musical productions, these experiences enrich the lives of our pupils alongside developing key skills, including:


  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Commitment and belonging
  • Resilience and growth
  • Confidence and curiosity
  • Memory development
  • Strengthening lifelong friendships.


This year we will be performing the ever-loved story of Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. Pantastic is a heartwarming reimagination of the classic story, a soaring adventure, with cunning pirates and lovable lost boys. 


We are looking to recruit a cast of actors, singers and dancers, alongside backstage roles. Including, but not limited to, lighting/sound operation, backstage crew, marketing and promotion, props and costumes. 


There will be leadership roles available including dance captain, singing captain, pupil stage manager, pupil assistant director and pupil prompt. These are vital roles and will be a great opportunity to develop skills and give our pupils the experience of leadership during a live production.


Rehearsals Period:

  • October-January: Once per week, Wednesday 3:00-4:10pm
  • January- March: Wednesday, and Thursday 3:00-4:10pm.     Friday 3.00pm-4.00pm.


Rehearsals will follow a fluid schedule which will be regularly updated depending on progress in rehearsals. During the Initial stages, and depending on your child’s role, they will not be required for all rehearsals and will be able to check which dates and days they will be needed. Closer to the performance dates all cast and crew will be required and rehearsal lengths will be increased so we can run the whole show.


*Rehearsals will be scheduled on your child’s Epraise planner and be displayed on the music notice board, if any changes happen you will be notified via Epraise message, please ensure you have notifications enabled.   

Frequently asked questions


Can I choose my backstage part?

Yes, you will need to sign up online and when we have a meeting together you will tell me which specific role you would like to do. If we have lots of people wanting the same roles you may not be able to do your chosen role, but we will be fair.


My character isn’t in the audition pack script, can I still audition for them?

Yes, the audition pack is just to demonstrate your ability. You can specify which character in the audition and when you sign up online.


Can I audition for Peter Pan/hook/ any ‘male’ character if I am a girl?

Yes, you can audition for ANY ROLE you want to.


I need help choosing my character, will you help me decide?

I will take your choice into consideration, however, if I feel you would be better as a different character you will be cast as that role.


How will I know when my audition is?

Your audition notice will be on the music room notice board, and on the music window looking out onto the playground.


What if I miss my audition time?

Unless you have been absent from school you might not get a chance to audition for the show (if we do not have enough time). You need to show your organisation skills and remember your time slot!



I can’t make ANY of the Thursday OR Wednesday rehearsals?

Unfortunately, you will be required to be available for these rehearsal days. We want you to feel 100% confident and if you are missing rehearsals you will be missing key information and time rehearsing with others in that scene.



What happens if I already have a club on a Wednesday

Depending on your character you may need to leave your other club but we will try and be flexible. From January you will be needed for more rehearsals.


What if I am in choir/ Young voices?

You will be fine to continue both clubs and when Young voices ends we will use the rehearsal day for the show.


What does the dance/singing captain do?

If you have one of these roles, you will be expected to know the dances/ songs confidently and be able to lead and assist others. You will lead warmups and make sure everyone knows their part. You might need to help others during lunchtime if they were ill and missed a rehearsal. Your role is to positively motivate and helps others to smile, sing loud and enjoy the show!


What is required with sound/lighting operation?

You will assist the teacher in charge and help to follow the script, giving cues and using the sound/ lighting desks. Each role is slightly different and you can learn more when we have a meeting.


What is marketing and promotion?

Marking and promoting the show, you might need to create poster & programs. You will help on the night and give out programs, raffle etc, you are representing the school in front of the audience.


What is pupil prompt?

You will read through the script when others are rehearsing and make notes where they have gone wrong. You will run line learning sessions and help the teacher in charge by following along in the script.


What is pupil stage manager?

You will help the teacher by keeping a list of set changes, and moving furniture and set in-between scenes. You will help organise the groups of children needed on the stage and will be responsible for keeping backstage quiet and relaxed.


What happens if I change my mind?

If you change your mind and no longer want to be involved in the performance (backstage or onstage), you must tell Mrs Savage directly. It is your responsibility to come and ‘quit’.


What happens if I miss lots of rehearsals?

If you miss multiple rehearsals, (without a valid/medical reason) your character may be given to an understudy. Someone who is learning your part and will perform in your place. It is unfair for the other pupils to keep rehearsing with missing members of the cast.


What happens if I cannot make a rehearsal?

Please report to Mrs Savage as soon as you can, this will help if any changes need to be made for the rehearsal. It gives time to make different plans.


What Character are available?

Peter Pan-






Twin 1

Twin 2



Chalky Bill








Crouching Tiger         

Eagle Brave    

Great Big Little Panther

Hidden Dragon

Laughing Cow

Limping Bear

Peking Duck

Raging Axe

Roasted Chicken

Soaring Hawk

Tiger Lily




Mrs Darling