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Year 5 Home learning and in-school timetable from Monday 11th January

From Monday 11th January, you will need to attend maths and English live lessons each day and complete home learning in 2 other subjects as the timetable below shows.  You will notice that on Monday there are 3 live lessons and only one other subject. 


When you are learning at home, you can complete the other subjects learning at a convenient time for your family.  For example, it might be convenient for you to do it in the evening if that suits your family's daily routine.  You need to look on your E-praise planner  to see the live lesson links for each day and brief details of where to find your other subjects.  Also, you will be able to access the daily virtual assemblies to watch at home on Teams.  You may also wish to do some regular PE or exercise during the afternoons. Mr Tudgay has added some fun PE ideas in Year 5 TEAMS for you to do (optional).


All other subjects and assemblies can be found on TEAMS in the TEAMS tab- Year 5- files- class materials.  Then choose the file for the subject and choose the file for the week e.g Week beginning11.01.21.  In that file, you will find all the information that you need to complete that lesson.  Like in maths and English, there is a file in each subject under the right week for you to save your work.   

Year 5 Home learning timetable from 11.01.21

Welcome to Year 5!


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Mrs Bradburn will take you through all the key information and outline our intentions, expectations and what Witton has to offer for Year 5 pupils.


Welcome to Year 5

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