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Musical 2024 The Wizard of Oz

Please note there is a change in dates. No longer performing in March



Here you will find audition information and materials. 


Venue- Witton Middle School

Dates- Week of the 10th June  

Time- 6.00pm (TBC)



October- December, Wednesday & Friday 

January - March-June, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. 



Auditions: All performers will be asked to show Mrs Savage.


-  A snippet of one of the songs from the show. Look at the character songs and show off your skills. Think about making it a performance rather than just standing still. 

- You will perform the section of the script(s), please think of characterisation. How would your character stand/sit/speak/walk? Learning lines will benefit your audition! 

- You will need to have learnt the dance from the video. Use the video to learn the steps, Mrs Savage will hold an optional lunchtime rehearsal if anyone needs to check/confirm the moves. 


Call Backs: Some pupils will be asked to audition more than once so we can cast everyone in the role that best suits them. 

Double Casting: We do not plan on double casting all parts, but if we do both pupils will perform on alternate evenings. 

Understudy: Some children will be asked to understudy the lead roles. This will mean if the cast member is ill/unable to be at a rehearsal/ performance the understudy will perform that role. This does not mean the understudy will alternate the performances.