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Please find some sample scripts for the auditions. 

Be creative, think about your character and how you can stand out from the crowd! 


Audition tips:

1. Get familiar, read through the lines and try saying them in different ways. 

2. Think about how your character might be feeling and thinking. 

3. Rehearse your projection voice, be loud and clear so you can be heard by everyone! 

4. Stay in character, and listen to the other characters when they are saying their lines. 

5. Be aware where you are standing, don't block or be blocked by anyone else on stage. 

6. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, try new things and experiment. 

7. Think about the faces your character might pull when they are....happy, confused, angry, laughing.

8. Think about how your character might walk, talk, stand, sit. Your body language is really important! 

9. Don't rush, if you say your lines too quickly we won't be able to hear what you are saying. 

10. Have fun and don't worry about anybody else. Just try your best!