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School Clubs

At Witton, we run a range of clubs at lunchtime and after school, covering a wide range of interests and experiences. The library is open to pupils every lunchtime. Homework clubs run for each year group.  

Many activities are run by our own staff, but we also bring in specialist coaches to give high quality sessions.

All of our clubs are free of charge to attend, but we do ask for commitment to be shown to attending sessions and applying effort and focus to the activity. 

Clubs change throughout the year, and include seasonal sports, drama and lots of different music groups. 

We are always keen to provide clubs that children are interested in. If something is not on offer, please ask - we will seek to offer things where there is sufficient demand, and staff skill. 

The timetable below is our intended offer for the Summer Term (although not in operation currently during the period of school closure.)

Summer Term 2020 (planned timetable)