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Maths Magnets

Maths Magnets

In order to develop your child’s fluency and mental maths skills, we are using the approach of Key Instant Recall Facts which are called Maths Magnets throughout the school. Maths Magnets are a way of helping children to learn by heart, key facts and information which they need to be able to recall quickly when working to support their learning.


Maths Magnets are designed to support the development of mental maths skills that underpin many of the concepts of the maths curriculum at KS1 and KS2. They are especially useful when calculating using the four operations: adding; subtracting; multiplying or dividing and fractions. The KIRFs include number facts such as number bonds and times tables that need constant practice and rehearsal, so that they can recalled quickly and accurately by children. Instant recall of facts helps enormously with mental agility within maths lessons. When children move onto written calculations, knowing these key facts is very beneficial as the mental demand of recall has been reduced so the focus of thinking can be given to the method being learnt. For your child to become more efficient in recalling these facts easily, they need to be practised regularly for short periods of time. 


Each half term, children will focus on a key skill to practise and learn at home for the half term. They will also be available on our school website under the maths section. The Maths Magnets include practical ideas to assist your child in grasping the key facts and contain helpful suggestions of ways in which you could make this learning interesting and relevant. They designed not to be a time-consuming task and can be practised anywhere – in the car, walking to school, etc. Frequent practice - little and often – helps children to retain these facts and keep their skills sharp. Throughout each half term, the focus skill will be reviewed in a maths session weekly.


During the time that children are at middle school, we believe that children will be more confident with number work, understand its relevance, and be able to access the curriculum much more easily. They will be able to apply what they have learned to a wide range of problems that confront us regularly and will provide them with the confidence to access the curriculum content upon their transition to high school.

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