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Welcome to Music at Witton


Throughout your musical learning journey you will develop your skills in performance, composition, listening and appraising alongside enriching your communication skills. A new year in music means new topics for you to discover, try your best always and you will achieve!

Summer Term:


Year 5, Texture and Timbre 1: 

Learning all about the ukuele and performing as an ensemble. Performing the tonic, subdominant, dominant and submediant chords on the ukulele. Forming chord progressions and developing our rhythmic style!

Using DRIP TTTS (click for song)


Year 6:

Texture and Timbre 2: Reggae 

Learning the history, key features and origin of reggae music.

Performing triad chords off beat, moving bass lines, hooks and riffs whilst using our voices, keyboards and ukuleles. 


Year 7:

Texture and Timbre 3: Blues

Learning the history, key features and origin of blues 

Performing and composing in the style of delta blues. 

Triad chords, 12 bar blues, walking bass lines and wailing improvised solos using the blues scale! 



Singing- all years: 

All classes will participate in developing their voices every lesson. We will focus on accuracy of pitch and maintaining individual parts within a group.  Developing confidence and performance skills including dynamics and expression, learning how to tell stories using a melody.


Make A Change Join the Music Council!

If you have musical ideas and want to support the department download an application and hand in to Mrs Savage. All abilities welcome!



Council Members 

See the Music Notice Board


Dates and Important information


- Summer Exgtravaganza 2023: Wednesday 19th July from 6.00pm  

- Oscar Performances: Friday 21st July during school day. 

- Music festival day Friday 21st July, sign up for performances to be announced. 

Instrumental Teaching

Do you want to learn an instrument? Complete the application below.

Did you know that playing an instrument makes you smarter?...Don't just take my word for it! Do the research click the link!

At Witton we provide instrumental lessons in:
(Click the links for more information)


Guitar/Bass     Piano/      Drumkit      Brass        Vocal      Strings      Woodwind

  Ukulele      Keyboard



We really want to increase numbers and talent ready for our extra curricular clubs and performances. Be prepared for when we can start activities like orchestra, band and choir again. 


Don't see your instrument? Come and enquire with Mrs Savage, we want to diversify our instrumentation. 



Instrumental Lesson Timetable- These times may change so check on the 'Music Notice Board' for any updates.

Mrs Savage's Song Suggestion!


I am going to post weekly videos of a huge range of music! Have a listen and let me know what you think. You can get Epraise points for your responses.  

Some of these songs will be completely new and others you may know very well!

Song 1: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - YouTube

Song 2: Let's Twist Again- Chubby Checker

Song 3: Batman Theme 1989- Danny Elfman

Song 4: The Jersey Boys- (Mash up, Frankie Valli and The four Seasons)

Song 5: Play Dead- Björk

Song 6: Sam Ryder - SPACE MAN - LIVE - United Kingdom 🇬🇧 - Grand Final - Eurovision 2022

Sam Ryder - SPACE MAN - LIVE - United Kingdom 🇬🇧 - Grand Final - Eurovision 2022

Sam Ryder performed SPACE MAN, representing United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy.
Watch his passionate performance, and his immense vocal range.
A very talented performance! Enjoy



Year 7's: Composing and Performing Raps

Year 6's: Composing and Performing Rhythms

Year 5's: Composing and Performing using Elements of Music



Year 5- Ensemble Project

Still image for this video
One of our talented year 5's showing her skills with singing and performing chords on the ukulele.

Witton's Christmas Show 2020

It is finally here!!! Please enjoy the full Christmas performance showcasing a huge variety of talent and creativity from the stars at Witton.
Arranged, compiled and edited by Mrs Savage.