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Year 6

French Questions Words

Here is the video about question words which we watched in this weeks lesson - watch again to remind yourself of the question words

Weather song

Practise your weather phrases by listening to this song. Tell Mrs Walker the answer to this question for some extra epraise points: According to the song, which two types of animal don't mind the bad weather?

Autumn Term 2020


Some of the things we are learning this term:


We will learn to recognise and use a range of question words in French

We will learn to name different family members and give descriptions of them

We will learn to describe different kinds of weather

We will develop our ability to recognise the sounds of letters and letter combinations

We will work on picking out key information and details from texts, stories and songs




Have Fun with French


Try some of these fun activities at home to practise your French



Find a mix of songs by Alain le lait on you tube by clicking on the link below.  Songs about numbers, greetings, parts of the body etc.  Find one you like and try singing along




Click the link below for some fun French games. Choose your game type, choose a topic and see what you can do!