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Languages Day Countries Competition

Choose a country to research.  It could be somewhere you have been to or lived, or a country that you want to find out more about. Find out some basic facts about it, for example, what the flag looks like, the name of the capital city, typical foods, famous people, sports teams, population etc. You also need to find out what language(s) is spoken in your chosen country, and some examples of words or phrases in that language.  Use your research to make a A4 poster about your country.

Your poster must:

be hand written and drawn (not using computer)
Include some words or phrases in the language spoken
Include some pictures – eg the flag, famous places, typical foods,

Write your full name and class on the back of your entry.  Hand in to Mrs Walker, Mrs Miele (yr 7) or your class teacher by Friday 24th June

Posters will be judged by Languages teachers from Droitwich High School on the languages day on 29th June