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Year 6

Home Learning

Thank you for getting involved with our STEM day, the Year 6 teachers were all very impressed. We are now in the final week of this half-term.


This week it is Safer Internet Day (watch the assembly on your e-praise calendar).


You will need to attend maths and English live lessons each day. We realise it can be difficult if you are not the only person in your household working from home; the resources are available in the ‘files’ section on teams for you to access at a later time that day if that is more convenient. In addition, you will have 2 other subjects as the timetable below shows. On Friday you will notice that due to having 2 English live lessons there is only one other subject.


Your foundation subjects can be completed at a convenient time that is suited to your family’s daily routine. Once you have completed the tasks for the day then please upload you work under the relevant subject folder where it says ‘submit your work here’. Your e-praise planner will be updated daily and this is where you can find the instructions for each subject.


All of your other subjects can be found under the Teams tab> Year 6 and then each subject has a designated folder. They are clearly labelled with the date and day. Don't forget to click the 'done' button on Epraise and then your teacher can give you feedback and Epraise points.


So you can still feel connected with your teachers we are also uploading our virtual assemblies and you may want to watch these at home. Mr Tudgay has compiled a list of PE challenges on the website and you can find these under the tab ‘Children> PE and Sports’.


Enjoy your home learning and please drop your class teacher a message on Epraise if you are stuck.

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