Warm Witton Middle School Welcome

Witton Middle School is a Worcestershire Local Authority School for boys and girls aged 9 – 12. We currently have 5 forms of entry in Years 5, 6 and 7. The numbers of pupils coming to the school are rising as it becomes a popular choice for pupils in the area. Many pupils now join us from outside the catchment area.

With a new leadership team in 2012, the school has gone from strength to strength and the school’s leadership has been recognised as outstanding by Ofsted (2016). We pride ourselves on developing confident and assertive individuals who will make a difference in the world. Inside impressive grounds and specialist facilities we pride ourselves on nurturing well rounded individuals with very strong values. Our values promote excellence in academic performance, as well as the arts and sport. Underpinning all of this is the understanding that none of this can happen without the development of emotional maturity and resilience.

Although we are a middle school we are deemed primary and our teaching model is based upon class teachers teaching the majority of lessons, so that pupils are secure and it ensures that both the teacher and teaching assistant know pupils well. We also provide an effective bridge between primary and secondary because of our range of specialisms which enable an increasingly independent approach. Our children transform from being primary pupils to secondary students. The vast majority of parents and carers who attended Witton Middle School when they were children, or those who have had children with us before send their children to our school because of the level of care and attention given to their child.

We warmly welcome you on your journey with us and we look forward to working with you to be successful.