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Here is a detailed list of all of School Governing Body employed by Worcestershire County Council. If you wish to speak to one of our governors please contact the school office and one of our team will be happy to help 01905 773362.

Our Governing Body

The Governing Body is made up of parents, staff, local authority and co-opted representatives. School governors have a wide range of responsibilities. They support the Headteacher in leading the school and act as a ‘critical friend’. They also have a strategic role in setting aims and objectives, agreeing targets, budgets, policies and priorities and monitoring effectiveness. The Governing Body also evaluates the school’s performance through in house, local and national data alongside the School Development Plan.

Governors attend school events and are always willing to talk to parents/carers. In addition, the Governing Body formally seeks the views of parents/carers and this feedback is discussed with the Senior Leadership Team and, where applicable, incorporated into the School Development Plan. The Governing Body reviews its own performance on an annual basis and has its own plan for improvement as part of the School Development Plan. Governors monitor Safeguarding and the Single Central Record on a regular basis and also visit the school frequently, talking to pupils and staff to ensure the school environment is safe for all pupils and adults.

Mission Statement

The Governing Body aims to support the vision, aims and responsibilities of Witton Middle School by ensuring that the school provides a safe, caring, and stimulating learning environment where every child can realise his or her full potential.

We will achieve this through both an active involvement in the daily life of the school, and by working closely with the school community.

  • to set challenging aims and objectives for the school;
  • to agree policies, priorities, and performance targets for accomplishing these objectives;
  • to look for evidence that these objectives are being achieved, asking searching questions of the leadership team.

Our actions will be rooted in the best interests of the school and its pupils, and we will always be prepared to explain our decisions openly and honestly to staff, parents/carers, pupils, government, and anyone else in the wider community with an interest in the conduct and standards of the school.

Witton Middle School Governing Body

Worcestershire County Council

Meet our Governors

Mrs Elizabeth Haste

Co-opted Governor

Chair of Governors, Vice Chair of the Curriculum, Standards and General Purposes Committee

Mrs Haste trained as a middle school teacher with a specialism in Rural Science. She has taught within Worcestershire for over 40 years, including 7 years at Witton. She has 8 years experience as a Teacher Governor at a previous school, an interest in providing pupils with a broad, balanced curriculum and making best use of the school grounds.

Register of interest: None
Membership: Curriculum, Standards and General Purposes Committee (Vice Chair) and Finance, Buildings & Staffing Committee.

Mrs Rebecca Morgan

Parent Governor

Register of interest:

Membership:  Vice Chair of Full Governors’ and Chair of Curriculum, Standards & General Purposes Committee.


LA Representative

Register of interest:

Ms Danielle Carswell

Parent Governor

Register of interest:


Mrs Sarah Harris

Parent Governor

Register of interest:


Mrs Kathryn Clarke

Parent Governor (and Chair of Finance, Buildings & Staffing Committee)

Mrs Clarke currently has a child at Witton and is a new governor to the school. She has 5 years’ experience of being a governor at two local first schools including the role of vice-chair. Kathryn has a good working knowledge of how a school is run and has been a member on a variety of committees involved with being a governor.

Register of interest: Existing Governor for two local first schools

Membership: Chair of Finance, Staffing and Buildings Committee

Mr Adam Rudkin

Parent Governor

Register of interest: None

Membership: Finance, Buildings & Staffing Committee.

Mrs Celia Felgate

Parent Governor

Register of interest:


Mrs Suzanne Pitt

Parent Governor

Although not having previous experience in being part of a governing body, Suzanne has 3 children between first school and middle school. She has actively been involved with a lot of school activities and volunteers at the school with reading, activities and school trips as well as a year representative on the school council. She has a good understanding from a parents point of view as to what improvements could benefit the children and school alike and has a keen passion to help improve on the children’s school experience.My background is Hotel Management. I have a degree in Business and Hotel Management. Actively involved in first school “hands on help”.

Register of interest:


Dr Bill Baker

Co-opted Governor

Mr Baker has been associated with the school since 1978 and on the governing body since 1980, being committed to comprehensive education, the quality of that education and the way in which it is delivered. He brings expertise and understanding of the political system, how to run a business and understands Local Authority finances and the way it affects schools.

Register of interest: None

Membership: Finance, Staffing and Buildings Committee, the Curriculum, Standards and General Purposes Committee and the Pupil Premium and Data Management Working Groups

Ms Ailie Mullin

Co-opted Governor

Ms Mullin has lived in Droitwich for 19 years and both her children attended Witton. Ailie has been a Governor at Witton both as a parent and as a member of staff for a number of years. Her interest lies with curriculum subjects and pupil premium.

Register of interest: None

Membership: Finance, Staffing and Buildings Committee

Mrs Hannah Walsh

Staff Governor

Mrs Walsh has been a teacher at Witton for over 10 years. She is currently Deputy Headteacher, having previously been Year 5 Team Leader and Literacy Co-ordinator. She trained in Primary Education with an English specialism, and has grown up children. In particular, her areas of expertise are in English, curriculum, and learning and teaching.

Register of interest: None

Membership: Curriculum, Standards and General Purposes Committee

Mrs Cath Crossley


Membership: Member of the Finance, Staffing and Buildings Committee, the Curriculum, Standards and General Purposes Committee, the Pupil Premium, Data Management and Teacher Appraisal Working Groups.

Details of Committees

(Other committees are convened as necessary)

Our Governing Committees

Full Governing Body

Chair:  Mrs Elizabeth Haste

The full governing body meets at least four times during the year. It is at these meetings that governors decide on the strategic direction of the school. The Headteacher presents the termly school report which includes progress on Action Plan targets. Decisions are made on those matters which cannot be delegated and are reserved for the Full Governing Body. Policies are scrutinised prior to approval by all governors and Safeguarding procedures are reviewed and approved.

Curriculum, Standards and General Purposes Committee

Chair: Mrs Rebecca Morgan

This committee reviews the Witton Action Plan (School Development Plan) at each meeting and analyses the performance data to make strategic decisions to move the school forward. Curriculum development and the evaluation of teaching and learning form the basis of much discussion and challenge. The aim is to offer the appropriate levels of challenge and support to secure the best for every child.

Finance, Staffing and Buildings Committee

Chair: Mrs Kathryn Clarke

This committee in consultation with the Headteacher is responsible for ensuring that the school remains financially secure and to make sure that priorities identified in the Witton Action Plan are appropriately financed. They also oversee staffing arrangements and staff continuing professional development. Buildings and grounds form part of the remit of this committee; agreeing development plans and ensuring that Health and Safety regulations are adhered to.

Headteacher’s Performance Review / Pay Committee


This committee follows a rigorous Headteacher Performance Review each year setting targets in line with the Witton Action Plan. It also oversees the Performance Management of all staff in relation to the Pay Policy.

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