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Week Beginning 18th May

What are we learning this week?



We will continue reading: 'The Speckled Band!' You might have started making predictions about what you think happened to Helen's sister - this week will be your final chance to piece together the mystery before all is revealed on Thursday. A video has been added for Friday so you can see the story in action - no peeking until Friday though. Remember to submit your your stream of consciousness from Helen Stoner's perspective by Friday on Epraise.



Your maths teachers have set you some more daily MyMaths tasks to complete along with some helpful videos and CPG booklet tasks. It is important that you do the MyMaths lesson first before the task to ensure you understand the skill. Also, remember to continue with your Numeracy Ninja starters everyday and the weekly arithmetic test paper.


Each week you will be expected to share one English task with your teacher via Epraise; the task your teacher wants you to share will be added to Epraise as homework and identified on here (see English part above). In addition to this, you have the option to upload another piece of work that you would like your teacher to see on a daily basis.