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This is a secret recipe!

Miss Richards' Flapjack 

8 oz of butter (you can also use margarine)

1lb of porridge oats

6oz of sugar (any type will do)

3 large table spoons of golden syrup

8oz chocolate (optional - can chocolate ever be optional?)


The ingredients are all in imperial so you will have to convert them to metric if you work in grams.


1. Put the butter into a small saucepan and add 3 large table spoons of golden syrup. I tend to use the wooden mixing spoon to add the golden syrup - two large scoops and the last one how loads of golden syrup covering it.

2. Gently melt these ingredients together.

3. In a mixing bowl, put the oats and the sugar.

4. When the butter and golden syrup have melted and mixed together, add this to the dry ingredients in the bowl and mix thoroughly. 

5. Chop the chocolate into small pieces (you could use chocolate buttons) and combine with the mixture. Do not over mix it as you want the chocolate to stay in chunks in the flap jack.

6. Line a baking tray with greased-proof paper. If you like deep flapjack use a 20cm one; for thinner flap jack use a 28cm one. (It doesn't have to be this perfect size.)

7. Put your mixture onto the baking tray and flatten down.

8. This will need to go into an oven which has been heated to 180 degrees c for about 20 minutes. The trick with flapjack is to not over-cook it. It should look golden.

9. Ask an adult to take the flapjack out and cut it into segments/slices whilst it is still warm.

10. Allow to cool and then enjoy.

11. Every time I make this it is different, but it is always delicious!