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Welcome to science!

Due to COVID restrictions, only one year group bubble can use the labs. Year 6 will use them in the autumn term and year 7 will use them in the spring term. All other science lessons will continue in your classrooms.


You will be covering these topics:

Term Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Autumn 1 Forces Electricity Cells

Autumn 2

Earth and Space Light Forces
Spring 1 Animals Evolution Particles
Spring 2 Plants Human body Acids and bases
Summer 1 Materials Living things Reproduction
Summer 2 Investigating our own questions Investigating our own questions Genetics


Whichever room you are in, you will be doing practical work and you need to be able to work safely.


1) Watch the video - how many hazards can you spot?

A hazard is something that is dangerous (e.g. a busy road)

2) Write a list of all the hazards you spotted

3) Watch the video again

4) Can you add to your list?

5) For each hazard, identify the risk.

The risk is what could happen to you (e.g. be run over)

6) What precautions could you take to reduce the risk?

A precaution is something you do to reduce the risk (e.g. cross at the traffic lights)

Health and safety nightmare!

Still image for this video
How many hazards can you spot?

At the moment, there is a significant risk of catching and spreading COVID-19.

What precautions do you need to take?