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Week 3

LO: Explore keys

TASK ONE – label a flower

Can you remember how to label the parts of flower? Try this quiz

This video may help.

Look at the buttercups pdf. It shows us 7 different species of buttercup.

A species is a group of organisms which share the same general physical characteristics and which can mate and produce fertile offspring. For example, all dogs (despite variation in size, shape etc) are of the same species; their puppies will be able to reproduce. On the other hand, horses and donkeys are separate species. Therefore a mule (dad = donkey; mum = horse) cannot reproduce.

To correctly identify a buttercup, you can use a key like the one on page one.
(You may need to Rotate the View clockwise – under the ‘View’ menu)

You could take a screenshot of the key so you can try identifying buttercups during your next daily exercise.

TASK TWO – create a key

You are going to create your own key.

  1. Copy the table. You might like to sketch the diagrams to remind you what the words mean.
  2. Find 7 leaves.
  3. For each leaf, complete the table with ticks and crosses.
  4. Use your table to help you decide what questions you can ask. Try to split the group roughly in half each time.
  5. When you have drawn your key, ask someone else to choose one of your leaves. Ask them the questions. Do you end up in the right place?

This example might help you.

TASK THREE – scientific diagrams

Using the information that you recorded in your table, create a labelled botanical drawing of one of your leaves. These images might help inspire you!