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Science Week 2: Competition 

TASK ONE – What do plants need to grow? 

Write a list of what plants need to grow. 

Watch this video. Had you remembered everything? 

TASK TWO – Investigate your own question 

Last week, we collected data to test the hypothesis: taller trees have thicker trunks. 

This week, you are going to choose your own question to investigate. For example: 

  • Do all daisies have the same number of petals?  

  • Are all buttercups the same height? 

  • Are nettles nearer to the road shorter because there is more pollution? 

  • Do solitary dandelions grow taller because there is no competition for nutrients?  

  • Do holly leaves at the base of the tree have more prickles to protect themselves from predators? 


  1. Plan 

What data will you need? 

How will you record your data? Can you draw a table? 
How will you measure this? Do you need any equipment? 

What units will you use? metres? centimetres? millimetres? 

How many results do you need to get a good range of data and a sensible sample size? 


   2. Collect 

Remember to record your data! 


  3. Analyse 

What do your results show? 

Is it possible to answer your question? 


4. Evaluate

What extra information do you need? 

How could you improve your data collection method? 


TASK THREE – Tell the world! 

How are you going to communicate your important scientific findings? You could: 

  • type a tweet 

  • write a report 

  • create a poster 

  • record a podcast 

  • video a clip for a children’s TV news show