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LO: Explore extinction


We know that organisms that are well adapted to their environment are more likely to survive long enough to reproduce and pass on their genes. Conversely, organisms that are less well adapted may become extinct. According to



TASK ONE - case study: rhinos

There are two species of rhino that live in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Look at this data about the two rhino species in Kruger National Park in South Africa.


Ideally, either use MSExcel or save a copy of this google form.

If necessary, look at the pdf and work on paper. You can download graph paper.

  1. Draw 2 line graphs to show how the population of white and black rhinos have changed from 2013-2017.
  2. Draw 2 bar charts to show the number of poached white and black rhino.


What trends did you spot?

  • Are the populations increasing or decreasing?
  • Is poaching increasing or decreasing?
  • What else might affect the population?


This data comes from a peer reviewed article published in a journal so that others could understand and build upon their research. Read the article and answer the questions that can be found on the last page. You can write on paper or in a new word document.


Create a fact file about an endangered species of your choice:

  • where is it found?
  • how many are there?
  • what are the threats?
  • how can we prevent its extinction?


You can find information on this website