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Witton Middle School



Please ensure pupils arrive in school wearing the correct uniform, with the appropriate equipment and with a reading book.

Class Rules


As well as following the school rules, in 5SL we developed our own expectations, we called it:


"A member of 5SL will"


- Line up in order, move sensibly around the school and set an example to others.


- Read their book between lessons, stand behind their chair at the end of lessons and leave lessons sensibly.


- Keep their workspace tidy, look after all resources and make the classroom a pleasant environment.


- Take responsibility for themselves and make use of free time to get organised.


- Treat all people with respect by listening, not interrupting and understanding the views of others.


- Show the PRIDE values in all they do.


These are displayed in our room and have been signed by every pupil.

We think these principles are what make us all members of 5SL, they allow us to learn well and give us something to aim for.