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Reading at Witton

It has been well documented that children who read are children who do well in their GCSEs. Our aim is that every child should achieve their reading potential while they are at Witton.


At Witton we believe that developing a love of reading is key to becoming a successful learner. Every day begins with reading and throughout the day there are many opportunities to read across the curriculum. Pupils are expected to always have a book with them and they can access our well stocked library to change their book whenever necessary.


The Curriculum

Throughout their time at Witton, pupils will study many aspects of reading through English lessons and across the curriculum. They will study a variety of quality texts looking at features that they can then use in their writing. They also use non-fiction texts as a source of information in other subjects.


Reading Lessons

Teachers read to pupils as part of the reading curriculum and for pleasure.

Classes read every morning during guided reading sessions where pupils read individually and in groups.

Over a half term, classes come to the library where they are taught how to select books and are encouraged to share ideas about books.



Pupil Support

All pupils are given support in selecting books and are encouraged to become independent readers. If your child needs extra help with their reading, they will have one to one reading sessions with an adult every week, along with help from the programmes detailed below:



Nessy is a structured reading and spelling phonics-based computer programme that can be used by anyone but is particularly supportive for children with Dyslexia. The multi-sensory activities teach letter patterns, reading and spelling rules which are tailored specifically to each learner’s needs. Lessons are also supported with printable activities and materials such as card and board games to help secure the knowledge and understanding.


Fresh Start

Fresh Start is a structured reading intervention programme targeted at pupils who are below age-related reading expectations. Delivered three times a week to small groups of approximately 6 children, by fully trained members of our staff, the programme gives children the chance to catch-up and become confident, fluent readers - enabling them to access the secondary curriculum. The programme starts with systematic teaching of phonics carefully matching the sounds that the children have been taught to age-appropriate lively stories and non-fiction texts. With continual monitoring and assessment, the programme aims to crack the code of reading and boost reading confidence!



Reading Enrichment

There are lots of ways you can get involved with reading at Witton.


  • Library club - Every Wednesday 3.00 - 4.10pm come along and enjoy book related fun we have had Harry Potter night, poetry and solved clues to become like Alex Rider.
  • The Library - open every break and lunch time come along and share a book with your friends.
  • Year 7 book club - Join with 2 other middle schools to read the same book and then discuss the events over squash and biscuits.
  • Reading Champions - Every class has a representative who meet once a week to bring ideas and help to keep their class informed and engaged in the things that are happening with reading.
  • Termly Reading Challenges – Every term we have a new challenge to inspire pupils to read more and try new books.



Reading Rewards

Under development. Currently pupils receive Epraise points for reading at home and in school.