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  1. Read through the article Living on ‘The Ice’ 
  2. Make a note of any important facts 


Tomorrow you will be answering some questions related to the text 


  1. Answer the comprehension questions in your exercise book or on a piece of paper (Remember use evidence from the text to support your answers. You may find it useful to skim and scan the text for answers rather than reading the text again) 
  2. Mark your questions with the answer sheet 


Prediction activity 

  1. Look at the front cover of this book ‘The Whispering Skull’ by Johnathan Stroud.

Why do you think the illustrator has designed the front cover like this? 

What do you think will happen in this book? 

Who do you think the man is wearing the coat? 


2. Listen to a short extract read out loud by Miss Brenwald 

The Whispering 2020-05-24 15_17_47.mp3

We find out in Chapter one Lockwood sees a ghost.  

Who do you think Lockwood and Co are? 


3. The setting for the first chapter could be at a graveyard. Can you write a paragraph for a setting description. Try to create a cold, sinister and eerie atmosphere. 


See an example below: 

The graveyard was eerily quiet in the dead of night, in the distance the trees rustled as the leaves shook against each other. Before Lockwood were rows of tombstones many covered in slime and debris and it looked as if they had been there for years. Some were crumbled from battling the elements of the weather while others were immaculate made from marble. The black fence that surround the graveyard was as sharp as daggers acting as a deterrent to passers-by. The wind howled and the rain pelted down onto the ground creating this murky stream of water that flooded the gravel paths in between the headstones. 

Thursday and Friday 

  1. Read the sea stories extracts.
  2. Create a poster with facts that you have learnt about the Dead Sea?