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Monday- A Midsummer Night's Dream- Into the Woods

Watch the animated clip or read the transcript. 

  1. In this episode, we meet Oberon and Titania, the king and queen of the Fairies. They are engaged in an argument that has confused the harmony of the natural world and is making the seasons alter. Oberon is angry that Titania will not give him one of her fairies to be his ‘henchman’ and instructs his servant Puck to use the juice of a special flower to enchant Titania. The next time she wakes from sleep, she will fall in love with whatever she sees, however hideous. Whilst Puck is fetching the flower, Oberon sees Demetrius cruelly shunning the lovelorn Helena in the woods, and decides to intervene...  


  1. What is happening to the seasons because of the argument? What impact is the lack of harmony in the fairy land having on the human world? Discuss.  



Tuesday- A Midsummer Night's Dream- The Wrong Athenian.

1. Watch the animated clip or read the transcript.

In this episode, we meet Hermia and Lysander again. They are lost in the woods and decide to sleep rough on the forest floor. Seeing the Athenians on the ground, Puck messes up the instructions from Oberon and places the flower’s magic on Lysander’s eyes instead of Demetrius’ - with disastrous consequences!  


2. Complete the activity in the following document. 


Wednesday- A Midsummer Night's Dream- Oberon's Revenge 

1. Watch the clip or read the transcript.

In this episode, the Mechanicals meet in the woods to rehearse the play in secret. Puck has some fun by turning the comical Nick Bottom into a donkey-headed monstrosity. The other Mechanicals flee and the noise awakes the nearby Titania, whose enchanted eyes fall madly in love with the preposterous weaver.  

  1. Discuss the following: 


  • Why does Puck puts a donkey’s head on Bottom? Is it funny or scary, or both? 

  • What emotions do the characters experience in this scene? 

  • All three groups of characters appear on stage together. How might the characters move around the stage (think off their body language and posture). 

  • How is Helena presented in this scene? 

Thursday- A Midsummer Night's Dream- The Lover's Quarrel and Lifting the Fog

1. Watch the clips or read the transcripts.  

  • Why is Puck’s role important throughout the play? 


  • What is your opinion of Oberon? 


  • How do you think the audience would be reacting at this point during the quarrel? 


Friday- A Midsummer Night's Dream- A Wedding Play

1. Watch the clip or read the transcript.

In this episode, the three couples celebrate their wedding. The post-wedding entertainment is the truly terrible play of Pyramus and Thisbe, performed by the hapless Mechanicals. The story ends with Puck addressing the audience (us), hoping that we have enjoyed A Midsummer Night’s Dream and asking for our friendship.  



  • Can you design what you think the set would look like at this stage? Draw your design with appropriate labels and annotations. 


  • What costumes might you picture the characters in?