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5. Reading


L.O: To describe and summarise meaning from an unknown text 


Today we are going to be reading an extract from the book ‘The Time Travel Diaries Adventure In Athens’ (nominated as June 2020 Book of the Month). This is Caroline Lawrence’s second book in a series, previously she has written ‘Roman Mysteries’ where Alex and Dinu explored Roman Britain- now they are being whisked back in time to Ancient Greece, alongside Dinu’s sister, Crina. 


A)Look at the front cover, do you think the cover is an effective design to interest a reader like yourselves? 


B)Read the extract aloud or independently. 


C)Discuss or write down your answers to these questions


  1. From Chapter One, what do you discover?
  2. What do you think it means when it says ‘Dinu used to be a bit of a bully’?
  3. Why are a group of girls referred to as ‘Wandsworth Academy Mean Girls’?
  4. How might someone be feeling if they roll their eyes?
  5. Make three suggestions what the closely guarded secret could be 


L.O: To discuss a chapter that I have read


Today we are continuing with our book ‘Private Peaceful’. We are going to read Chapter 3, open the pdf or listen to Episode 3


Read Chapter 3 ‘ Nearly Quarter Past Eleven’


or listen (Episode 3)


1.Discuss these suggested questions:


  • What does it mean to be ‘in service’? Explore jobs local villagers would have done for the local gen- try. 
  • What do we know of Molly’s family? How are they linked to the Colonel? 
  • Tommo in his opening reflection thinks of happy times when Charlie, Molly and he played together. The author shows Charlie as a risk taker. Gather evidence of this to use later in the story.


2.How does Grandma Wolf influence the family? What is she like? Tommo refers to her as ‘wolfwoman.’ Why do you think this is?




L.O: To appreciate and recite poetry


Today we are going to explore poetry by John Agard, who was born in the Caribbean, listen to some of his poems where you be able to hear him read with such passion and energy.


1.Explore Poetry Archive Website or you might want to google John Agard.


2.Questions you could consider:


  • Who is he? 
  • What are the titles of some of his well-known poems? 
  • Where does he find his inspiration for his poetry?


3.Listen to a selection of his poems, either listen or there are copies for you to read below.

4.Have a go at performing either one of his poems or an alternative poem you might already be familiar. Challenge yourself to use same enthusiasm he shows when reading his poetry aloud. 


Think about these points to help you effectively read poetry out loud.


L.O: To interpret reasons for events from a text

Today we are continuing with our book ‘Private Peaceful’. You might want to re-read parts of chapter 3 ‘Nearly Quarter past Eleven’ before attempting the comprehension questions.


1. Write a summary of events from Chapter 3 think about plot and characters. See model if you need some ideas.


                       Think about:


  • What do we learn about Molly?
  • What changes for Mrs Peaceful, why?
  • How does Charlie try to support his family?





  1. Complete Comprehension questions
  2. Self-mark your answers






L.O: To debate my viewpoint justifying my opinions


Today we are going to read Chapter 4 ‘ Ten to Midnight’.  At the end of Chapter 3 we can recall Tommo was saying his prayers where he reflected on God and the likelihood of an afterlife. 



1.Read Chapter 4


or listen


2.Consider these discussion questions or write down your thoughts.


  • Do you notice a pattern about the titles of each chapter?
  • How is time being used measured and used to lead the reader through the story?
  • How does the use of the past and present tense help with the narrative? For example, in Chapter Twenty to Eleven, the first line of the first narrative states, ‘I don’t want to eat...’ and the first line of the second narrative begins, ‘Big Joe ate...’. In Chapter Nearly Quarter Past Eleven, the first lines are ‘There’s a mouse...’ and ‘Grandma Wolf hated mice.’ 


3.Orally debate or write down your argument on this theme: 


  • Tommo recollects about his time poaching and taking animals from the colonel’s land to help his family survive. Do you think this was the right decision? What are the rights and wrongs?