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Reading for 29/06/20

Monday- The Time Travel Diaries: Adventure in Athens

L.O  : To describe and summarise meaning from an unknown text

Reading the extract from the book ‘The Time Travel Diaries: Adventure In Athens’ (nominated as June 2020 Book of the Month). This is Caroline Lawrence’s second book in a series. Previously, she has written ‘Roman Mysteries’ where Alex and Dinu explored Roman Britain.  Now, they are being whisked back in time to Ancient Greece, alongside Dinu’s sister, Crina.


  1. Look at the front cover. Do you think the cover is an effective design to interest a reader like yourselves?


2. Read the extract below (or on the word document or PDF) aloud or independently.

3. Discuss or write down your answers to these questions.

  • From Chapter One, what do you discover?
  • What do you think it means when it says ‘Dinu used to be a bit of a bully’?
  • Why are a group of girls referred to as ‘Wandsworth Academy Mean Girls’?
  • How might someone be feeling if they roll their eyes?
  • Make three suggestions about what the closely guarded secret could be.

Adventures in Athens Chapter 1 and 2

Tuesday- James and the Giant Peach Episode 9 

L.O: To identify how characters feel throughout the story

Today we are going continue with James and The Giant Peach; we have now reached Episode 9 ( Chapter 31). 

  1. Watch the story being read.

EP9: Governor Andrew Cuomo and Anna Wintour read James & the Giant Peach w/ Taika Waititi! | #WithMe

2. Discuss or write down your answers to the following questions:

  • How does Taika’s use of props and sounds effects make the story you are listening to more enjoyable?
  • How do you think the travellers felt when this ‘immense grey bat like creature’ was swooping down towards them?

  3. What does the phrase ‘melancholy cries’ mean?

  4. Describe the emotions and thoughts that could have been running through James’ head when he sees the skyscrapers.


Wednesday- Poetry by John Agard

L.O: To appreciate and recite poetry

Today we are going to explore poetry by John Agard, who was born in the Caribbean, and listen to some of his poems where you be able to hear him reading with such passion and energy.  You can also read the poems yourself by looking at the word document or PDF below.

  1. Explore Poetry Archive Website or you might want to Google John Agard.  


2. Have a go at performing either one of his poems or an alternative poem that you might already be familiar. Challenge yourself to use same enthusiasm that he shows when reading his poetry aloud.

Think about these points to help you effectively read poetry out loud:

Thursday- The Tyger by William Blake

L.O: To explain and explore the meaning of words

  1. Read the poem The Tyger by William Blake. (see image below or look at the word document or PDF) 



2.Discuss and answer the questions that follow:

3. Self-mark your answers. (see below or word document or PDF)

Friday- James and the Giant Peach Episode 10

 L.O: To express my opinion about books that I have read

Today we are going to listen to the final episode of  James and The Giant Peach (episode 10).   I hope you have enjoyed this book as much as I have!

EP10: Taika is joined by Jojo Rabbit co-stars Roman & Archie to read James & the Giant Peach #WithMe

In the final episode of James and the Giant Peach, with Taika and friends, Taika Waititi is joined by his Jojo Rabbit co-stars, Roman Griffin Davis and Archi...

  1. Now,  write a review of the book.There is a template to help you if you want to use this as guidance (My book review document or see image below). Also see the document ‘Suggested Phrases’ to write a high quality review (select some of your favourites)- this is also below. I suggest a minimum of two paragraphs to effectively summarise your viewpoints.