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L.O: To reflect on texts I have read


  1. Read extract ‘Schools of The World’ either out loud or silently
  2. Discuss some of the following points:


  • Define the word myriad
  • What does it mean by saying ‘first world countries?’
  • How is education different in India and Cambodia compared to the UK?
  • What are your views about education? Should everyone be entitled to an education?


L.O: To use information from the text and to draw conclusions


  1. Answer the questions from the text we looked at yesterday ‘Schools of The World’
  2. Mark your work using the answers



  1. Read or listen to the extracts from a book called ‘Some Place More than Others’.
  2. Using the reading strategy of skimming and scanning- make some notes about what we learn about the characters (Mum, Dad and Amara). 
  3. Read extract 2 after complete activities 2 and 3.


L.O: To compare and contrast different genres of books relating them to my preferences


Author Dan Freedman has written a new book called ‘Unstoppable’ check out his website where you’ll see some famous faces giving their views on his book.


You might want to:

  • Hear part of an extract being read
  • Read the beginning of the book (for free)
  • Read his Q&A sessions where he has answered some of his fans questions


What you could consider after reading the prologue - 14 Years ago


Factual Questions 

  1. How are the two new-borns related? 
  2. Was the girl or the boy born first? 

Reflective Questions and Conversation Starters 

  • The title of this book is “Unstoppable.” After reading the prologue, explore the different ways in which the title could be interpreted. 
  • What does the fact that the new-borns “clasp one another’s hands” suggest? 
  • What significance do you think the quote “They are one” has? 


L.O: To advertise new literature 


  • Read Part 1 of ‘Unstoppable’. 
  • Then decide if this genre of book is something that interests you. How would you encourage someone else, who is a similar age, to read this?



  • Create a poster that could appear in our library
  • Write a summary that explains the main themes or characters (don’t give too much away)
  • Design an alternative book cover include an encouraging quote on the cover e.g Marcus Rashford ‘’If you’re aged between 11 and 14 I recommend you pick up Dan Freedman’s ‘Unstoppable’… you should definitely check it out’’