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Year 5 Reading


L.O: To create a retrieval quiz

Look at the ‘Quick News’ page below which gives a short summary some interesting events that have taken place across the world.


  1. Read through from box 1-20
  2. Can you create a retrieval quiz- remember the skill of retrieving is where you can use the text to find answers. If you are at home, you may have someone to test your quiz with or, if you are in school, you can test your quiz on someone else in your pod.
  3. Look at the question stems to help you (either use the PDF, word document or the images below).


Extension: Will one of the articles maybe inspire you to want to read more about a particular topic?


 We have now reached Episode 5 of ‘James and The Giant Peach’ and we have reached Chapter 10. At the end Chapter 9, James discovers the hole in the giant peach. I wonder who the special guest will be today? 

1. Listen to the clip.

EP5: Ryan Reynolds reads James and the Giant Peach with Taika Waititi | #WithMe

  1. Write a high quality paragraph summarising your view of the events in this chapter. By this, I mean stating your viewpoint, giving reasons why you think the character has made the right decision or perhaps something that surprised you. Open the PDF to see an example and prompt sheet or look at the image below). 


Task A

  • Read ‘What is The Author Up to?’ (see below or the PDF or word file).  This activity requires you to read a     short extract and think carefully about the words that you are using e.g to persuade a reader, tell information or entertain them.  If you are in school, you might want to discuss further examples with your ‘pod teacher’.  If you are at home, jot down your ideas. 
  • Then  answer questions 1-5 (see below) and mark (see answer sheet)

Task B-

  • Read the text that begins ‘Blood red flares exploded..’. What is the author’s purpose for writing this time? (see text below or the look at the PDF or word document)
  • Answer questions 1-5 and then mark (see documents below)



L.O: To summarise part of the chapter

 We have now reached Episode 6 of ‘James and The Giant Peach’ Do you recognise the royal guest today ?  

EP6: Duchess of Cornwall, Lupita Nyong'o & Josh Gad read James & the Giant Peach w/ Taika | #WithMe

After you have watched the clip, either:

  • Create an illustration to show some of the key events from what you have just heard?  
  • Write a summary including : Main events (e.g what characters did, what choices they made or even what they said).
  • Create a story board on A4-divided into sections. 
  • Create a drawing showing the clip perhaps with annotations or speech bubbles of what the character might be saying. 
  • Or be creative and do it anyway you like! 


L.O Create a fact file about the life of Katherine Johnson 

Today, following on from last week’s current affairs topic of ‘George Floyd’ we are going to learn about a historical African American influential figure called Katherine Johnson.  

  1. Go through the slides and see what amazing facts you can learn about her life and achievements. If you are in school you may want to stop at the ‘talk about it’ discussion points and share ideas in more depth. 
  2. Create a fact file about her life. Think about using sub-headings to organise the information clearly. Check your information by using the slides to support you or perhaps wider reading from other sources.