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September 2020 Reopening

Full Reopening September 2020 following Covid-19 disruption. 

This is where you can find all documentation and parent guides relating to reopening. 

Please note: Tuesday 1st September is a 'Teacher INSET Day'.

We will start our new routines and procedures from:

Wednesday 2nd September (YEAR 5 CHILDREN ONLY)

Year 6 children return on Thursday 3rd September

Year 7 children return on Friday 4th September. 


We have also been advised by Worcestershire School Transport that children using school buses will be asked to sit in allocated areas of the school bus to ensure they remain within their year group during their journey to and from school. The allocated areas will be named as follows:


Year 5 = Lion

Year 6 = Parrot

Year 7 = Alpaca