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Developing my relationships


The key question for this week is: 

Would I be me without my relationships?

What do all these words have in common?

Answer: they are all feelings that people can experience in relationships.


We all bring different qualities to the relationships we are in. Some of these might be positive, others might be more negative. Additionally, we might all react differently to similar situations, depending on our personalities and experiences.


TASK 1 - Draw or create a freeze frame for the words in the list to show the positive or negative ways these feelings can come across in your relationships e.g. kindness - sharing equipment. 

TASK 2 - Have a look at the scenarios below and answer the following questions for each:


  1. What emotions might someone feel in this situation?
  2. How might someone react/respond to the situation?
  3. Why might there be different responses from different people? Ask: Is there a best response?
  4. How would you try to respond?
  5. Can you control/choose how you respond/react?