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PSHE (Current Affairs)

Task 1: Let’s begin by looking at todays current affairs. 


Watch today's bulletin by using the link below; 


Task 2: 

Discuss with your pod, or family at home what you have seen. 

You might discuss: 

Which one was the most interesting? 

Do you agree/disagree with any of the reports? 

Do you think the content of the bulletin was relevant to you – why/why not? 

What further questions do you have? 


Task 3: 

What is mental health? 

Write down or discuss with your pod or family at home what mental health means to you. 

Watch the following clip using the link below 


Pause at the questions and discuss with your pod or family at home.  

Does everyone in your pod/family agree?  

What are the different opinions? 


What can we do when small feelings are bothering us? (1:24) 

How are big feelings affecting Jay? (2:31) 

If someone wants to tell you something, how could you be a good listener? (3:33) 

*You may have seen this clip before, but it is still relevant and useful today. 


Task 4: 

Name five ‘small feelings’ that someone may experience every day 

Suggest three things a friend or someone in your family could do when small feelings are bothering them.   

What are big feelings and how do they affect us?  

Who could you talk to if your big feelings were worrying you? This is personal to you so you might not want to write it down.  


Task 5:  

Create your own booklet/comic strip/flipbook/information page based on the clip you have seen. (You might have some other ideas)  

You must: 

  • Give a definition of mental health. 

  • Give examples of how mental health affects others. 

  • Give ideas on what a person could do if they need some help and support. 

  • Give ideas on how a person could assist someone who reaches out for help and support.