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Witton Middle School


PRIDE values



Developing pride and preparing our children to go out into the world and make it a better place.

Our school values of perseverance, responsibility, independence, determination and empathy are promoted throughout every aspect of school life here at Witton.



We believe that perseverance is the key to unlocking talent. It is an attribute that we value in everything that we do. We promote perseverance across all subjects to enable our children to meet their full potential, and be the best they can be.


Perseverance is a life-long quality which will stand your child in good stead whatever their path. This leads to children who work diligently and who want to keep on trying.



We encourage your child to act responsibly in all aspects of school life. We encourage responsibility for their relationships with others, and will support your child in building effective relationships by providing strong boundaries and moral role models. We uphold personal responsibility by advocating smart uniform, excellent attendance, personal well-being and academic achievement.

“We act responsibly for ourselves, our School, Our Community and the World!”


We want your child to have a love of learning and become a life-long learner. To achieve this we have developed a rich and exciting curriculum which is stimulating and engaging.


We provide a range of excellent facilities and a strong teaching environment within which to develop independence. We are proud of our superb choice of specialist facilities, which include ICT, music, science and design and technology teaching areas, not to mention our splendid grounds.


As our children move from Key Stage 2 into Key Stage 3, we provide an effective bridge between the two phases by maintaining a strong link with the class teacher, whilst increasing the range of specialist teaching. This leads to the development of exceptionally well rounded, independent individuals.

“We strive to be independent by being organised, creative and taking risks to solve problems!”



We encourage children to have the determination to reach the highest academic and personal targets. We are determined that we will make a difference to your child’s progress and well-being. We enable this by providing high quality learning experiences.


We are determined to make the most of our children’s talents by insisting on high expectations and supporting them every step of the way. This leads to children being equipped to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

"We are determined to succeed by facing challenges and working together to achieve our ambitions!”



We place a high value on respect for others, alongside tolerance of other faiths and cultures. We have a friendly and welcoming culture providing an atmosphere in which children learn well. Through our rewards and sanctions, underpinned by our ‘pride’ values, we uphold excellent behaviour.


We value effective relationships between parents and carers, children and adults. We are a school that listens and tries to empathise with other members of our community.


Relationships underpinned by empathy will further promote your child’s self-esteem and we seek to build these at every opportunity. This leads to children who are able to value other people’s feelings.


“We show empathy and care for others, and the world around us by being honest, considerate and kind!”