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Monday 11th May

Well done to everybody who has managed to submit work through epraise. I really enjoyed reading the contemporary Victorian language in your letters from Dr Watson. You should be able to read my feedback comments. Some people have had difficulty logging in so when you go to the page now, you will see that the orange "sign in with office 365" box has disappeared. Now you just need to type exactly what you would write when you log onto the school computers. e.g. 17WatsonK and your DOB. Hopefully this makes it easier. Remember, you can only upload work from your account. It will not work if someone with a parent account is logged on.


This week, I am looking forward to reading your PEE paragraph about Dr Roylott and another piece of work of your choice. You will have noticed that we are now using mymaths more. If you haven’t logged on recently, start by doing this week’s tasks and then you can begin to catch up on previous work. If you are having difficulty logging on, send me a message on epraise and I can remind you of your log in details.


Monday 4th May

It was lovely to hear from so many of you last week. I hope you have all now managed to log onto epraise. Remember to click the orange “sign in with office 365 button” and then put in your email address and your usual password. As there is a bank holiday on Friday, please do not worry if you don’t get all of the tasks done this week.


If you go past school as part of your daily exercise you may spot that we have been busy planting trees today. You may be able to see lots of oak trees along next to the fence and a ring of hedgerow (dog rose, hawthorn, blackthorn and dog wood). On the other side of the field is a row of rowans and then we have planted a thicket of hazel in a clearing in the woods. Hopefully, they will grow well.


I am going to refrain from a Star Wars Day joke but mostly because I am about to watch ‘The Rise of Skywalker’. Yay!


Monday 27th April

Another week already! Thank you to everyone who has been sharing work. I am impressed that Ed has already done this week’s science and I love Beth’s artwork (see below). Last week, I recorded my chapter of Witton Reads “Who Let the Gods Out” by Maz Evans with thanks to Chicken House Books. Have you been listening? You can catch up by going to the video centre page of this website. This week, we are trialling using a new feature on epraise that allows you to submit work electronically. When you log onto epraise, you should now see a new piece of computing homework. Once you have finished, you can upload your completed poster to epraise. If the system works well, we might use it for other work, too, so that you can get some feedback. In the meantime, you can continue to email me. I am looking forward to reading your first-person narratives describing Mercutio’s death.


Friday 17th April


I hope you have enjoyed a break over Easter. I have done some knitting and tried to learn some new piano pieces but am now ready to get back into the swing of home school. I can’t wait to see your natural disaster projects; please email me a photo so I can add it to the work of the week gallery below. I am really sad that we can’t study Romeo and Juliet together as it is a fantastic story so I am looking forward to reading your versions of Mercutio’s death scene. In addition, I am excited about the data you are going to collect for our investigation into human variation in science. Try and get data for your whole family so we have a huge range of data. Remember to email me if you have any questions or want to share some work.


Monday 6th April


Thank you to Harris, Finn and Evie who have sent me work this week. Find out who won work of the week below. I look forward to hearing from more of you after Easter. In the mean time, have a lovely rest: read, exercise and try a new skill!


Monday 30th March


I hope you are all staying safe and well and have managed to find a routine. Are you joining in with PE with Joe? I have been doing it every morning; goodness me, I ached a lot last week! I have also joined in with the Chance to Shine cricket challenges and some of the drills from the FA superkicks app. However, I still have not plucked up the courage to do a forwards roll, let alone a cartwheel!