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Change and Progress since Ofsted.

Our school has changed significantly since our most recent Ofsted Inspection in January 2020. 

The following materials show the actions we have already taken and the rapid progress we have made. It is worth noting that since the inspection, we have had just 9 weeks of school time prior to the national closure for lockdown. Throughout lockdown we remained fully open for a significant number of keyworker and vulnerable families and were proud to serve our community.

We are now 4 weeks into a new, and very different, school year and have already achieved a great deal. We are proud of the way in which our pupils have returned to school so happily.

The video below was created in April 2020. The Headteacher and Chair of Governors explain the findings of the Ofsted inspection, actions already taken at that point and outlines future plans for improvement.

Further to that, the letter from the Chair of Governors sent to parents in July 2020 illustrates how the school has continued to improve during the Summer term.