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TASK ONE – Look at the pictures to give you some ideas of woodland monsters.

TASK TWO – Build your woodland monster

You will need:

  • A stick.
  • 1 x tube (containing string/wool/scissors/fir cones/plasticine).
  • Natural materials you have found in the woods. 


  1. Find your stick (the more twisted and gnarled the better).  
  2. Go into the wood and find natural objects to attach to your stick to make your woodland monster. 
  3. Make your woodland monster.
  4. Give your monster a name and maybe a special power.


TASK THREE – Story time

  1. Tell the rest of the group about your monster, its name, what type of monster it is, the different features it has e.g. tongue like a snake, teeth like a shark, wings like an eagle etc.  Any special powers or what does or can it do.
  2. Now that you have given your monster a name makeup a story about him/her and tell the group.



Resources – Tubs/equipment is to be collected from and returned to the table outside of the Green Lab.  One tub/set of equipment is provided for each child.   


Wet weather programme – On-line escape room (I have permission to use this within school).

Instructions – observations skills are a must, make notes as you go along.  Allow them to choose the incorrect answers or go off and complete the other options. If you need the answers I have them.

Optional Extra Activity