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Other Activities



TASK ONE – What are dreamcatchers and how do they catch dreams. 


TASK TWO – Make your own dream catcher. 


You will need: 

1 x piece of willow. 

1 x tube (containing string/wool/scissors/beads/feather). 

Natural materials you have found in the woods.  


1)   Bend your piece of willow into a circle, keep weaving the ends around until they are completely woven into the circle.   

2)   Attach a long piece of thread to a point on the circle, pull it to the opposite side of the circle and wind it around the circle a couple of times to secure it.  Keep repeating this process until you have made your web.  

3)   Go into the wood and find natural objects to weave into your dream catcher. 

4)   Take 3 short lengths of thread, use these to attach the items you have found to the bottom of your dream catcher. 

5)   Weave or tie other items you have found into the web.  

6)   Take a piece of thread and tie it to the top of your dream catcher to make a hanger. 


TASK 3 – Evaluation  

Share a dream, or why you added certain items to your dream catcher, with the group. 


Resources – Tubs/equipment is to be collected from and returned to the table outside of the Green Lab.  One tub/set of equipment is provided for each child.    


Activities are to take place in Jubilee Woods, and the area from the trim trail up to and including the woods opposite the hall. 



Wet weather programme – On-line escape room (I have permission to use this within school). 

Instructions – observations skills are a must, make notes as you go along.  Allow them to choose the incorrect answers or go off and complete the other options. If you need the answers I have them. 

Extra Activity (optional)