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Well done to everybody who has been keeping up with this week’s work. I know that many of you have been finding solving equations tricky. Don’t worry. I had already set some BIDMAS work for next week but I will make sure that we have another look at solving equations the following week. In the mean time, you might like to look at this video. Keep smiling!


Welcome back!

Before Easter, we were multiplying and dividing directed numbers.

When you check your answers, remember to spend time working out where you have gone wrong. There is no point just marking it wrong and carrying on as you will probably then make the same mistake again. Some of the work this week, is on stuff we haven’t done in a while. Remember you can message other people in the group or email me if you need support.



  1. To get our brains in gear, try the multiply and divide problems.

  2. This year, we have been learning how to use our scientific calculators properly. It is very easy to get in a muddle when typing in negative numbers so work through the calculator sheet. 

  3. Finally, you need to do some fluency practice. The first section is without a calculator and the second section is with a calculator – make sure you type it in correctly!



1) To practise using our directed numbers, let’s try some algebra. Please set out every question as shown. Start every line with an equals. (I know you can probably do many of these in your head but that is not the task!!)

2) mymaths – substitution 2



  1. After yesterday’s fluency, let’s try some substitution problems.

  2. Tomorrow, we will be solving equations but first we need to make sure we can visualise what is happening. That means some bar modelling – yay!



1) To bar model or not to bar model? That is entirely up to you but you do need to try these fluency questions. Please set them out as shown – with your equals signs aligned.

2) mymaths – equations 2 – multi-step


FRIDAY – arithmetic paper 3