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Mrs Watson

This week, we are revising algebra.


Monday – expressions and formulae

mymaths tasks:

  1. algebraic thinking
  2. rules and formulae
  3. simplifying 1


If you need some support try these videos:


Tuesday – substitution

If you need a refresher, watch this video.


mymaths tasks:

  1. Substitution

Let’s apply this skill by plotting graphs.

  1. Plotting graphs 1 – lines
  2. Plotting graphs 2 - lines

You may need to watch this video about how to change the subject so that you can make your equation y=....


Wednesday – solving equations

Today, we are focussing on solving equations with letters on both sides. If you want a refresher on how to solve equations, watch this video.




Try these fluency questions on paper.

If you have flash enabled, you may like to play equation dodo on mymaths. Use the arrow keys to move to the cloud with the correct answer and then press down to select it.


Thursday – brackets

This is a topic that we looked at earlier in the term and I said that we would come back to.


Try these fluency questions

Finally, have another go at the mymaths task that you did earlier this term. Can you improve your score?

mymaths task:

  1. single brackets



Arithmetic paper 9