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Mrs Watson

This week, we are going to revise factors, primes and multiples.

You can find the answers to all of the CGP book questions at the bottom of this page.


Monday –  LCM and HCF

Make sure that you have completed p18-19 of the CGP book.

mymaths tasks:

  1. lowest common multiple
  2. find the factors grid activity


If you need some reminders, you can watch these videos on:


Tuesday – primes

Make sure that you have completed p20 of the CGP book.



mymaths tasks:

  1. factors and primes
  2. highest common factor
  3. prime factors pairs activity


Wednesday – LCM and HCF product of primes


Do the worksheet on paper or in a new word document.

Thursday – problem solving and reasoning

Make sure that you have completed p21-22 of the CGP book.

Complete the sheet. This will be easiest on a piece of paper.


Arithmetic paper