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This week, we are going to look at data.


Monday - tables, bar charts and pictograms

CGP book p72-74

MyMaths tasks -

1) Two-way tables


Tuesday - line graphs

MyMaths tasks -

1) Real life graphs

2) Conversion graphs

3) Scattergraphs - (This mymaths task does not work well on all devices. Look at the questions but if you can't get it to work, don't worry!)


If you want a reminder about line graphs, watch:


Wednesday - mean, median, mode and range

Silly song (to the tune of hey diddle diddle)

Revision of mean:

Revision of median:

Revision of mode:

Revision of range:


CGP book p77-78

MyMaths tasks -

1) Mean and mode

2) Median and range

3) All averages


Thursday - frequency tables

IMPORTANT: many people found yesterday's work tricky. Only move onto these tasks if you have got greater than 80% in all 3 of yesterday's tasks. If you haven't, rewatch the videos from yesterday, work through the online lessons and try the homework tasks again.




MyMaths tasks -

1) Median, mode from frequency table

2) Mean from frequency tables


Friday - arithmetic paper