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Update: 15th May

Lots of you have found standard form tricky. You might like to watch this video:


Changes to Maths Online Learning

From now on, I will be setting you more MyMaths tasks to complete

so I can see how you are getting on with your work.

I will continue to add links to helpful videos and CPG booklet tasks to support with your learning.

Please continue to do your Numeracy Ninja starters everyday

and your weekly arithmetic test paper to develop your number skills. 


In addition, if you would like more support or just more practice with a certain skill,

visit: corbettmaths or bbc bitesize 


Last week, we were looking at powers. This week, we are going to remind ourselves how we can use powers of ten to write large numbers. We touched on standard form in the autumn term but, as that is a long time ago, we will start with some revision of place value and rounding.



Firstly, let’s wake up our maths brains with some MyMaths tasks -

1) place value beyond 10,000

2) rounding and accuracy


The rounding questions that people find difficult are when you are given the rounded number and asked what that number could have been.

e.g. Rounded to the nearest ten, x = 360 what could the value of x be?

It could be: 355, 356, 357, 358, 359, 360, 361, 362, 363, 364… or any decimal value in between.

We can write this: 355 ≤ x < 365

355 is called the lower bound and 365 is called the upper bound.


3) Upper and lower bounds 1 lesson (remember to drag the white circle down to see each bit of the chapter)

4) Upper and lower bounds 1 homework



Firstly, check that you have already completed p9, 15 and 16 of your CGP book.

Now, let’s revise significant figures.
Watch this video:

MyMaths task -

1) significant figures lesson

2) significant figures homework



We are now going to write large numbers using standard form.



MyMaths task -

1) Standard form large lesson

2) Standard form large homework



Today, we are investigating the names we use for big numbers.


We didn't do an arithmetic paper last week because of the bank holiday but don't despair, we can do one today!