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Mrs Watson

We need to finish our smoothie project.


Monday – 3D shapes

mymaths tasks:

  1. Nets of 3D shapes
  2. Nets surface area
  3. Volume of cuboids


Tuesday – packaging design

  • Go to the project page.
  • Click on the computer that says “Introduction: Meet Brad King”
  • Watch the packaging design video.
  • Draw the nets of 3 different shapes that could contain 1 litre = 1000 cm3 of smoothie.
  • Choose your favourite shape. Can you make a prototype?
    Remember to add the label you designed last week.


Wednesday – presentation

You now need to convince Brad King that your product should be manufactured.

Create a presentation that summarises:

  • your market research
  • your recipe
  • your nutritional information
  • your packaging


You could present this as:

  • a powerpoint or prezi presentation
  • a poster
  • a video