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This week, we are going to revise sequences.


Monday – continuing sequences

Make sure that you have completed p46-47 of the CGP book.

mymaths task:

  1. Sequences


Geometric sequences are non-linear. There is not a common difference. They are multiplied or divided by the same number each time. For example:

  • 3, 9, 27, 81: multiply by 3
  • 64, 16, 4, 1, 0.25: divide by 4


mymaths tasks:

  1. Geometric sequences 1
  2. Beat the clock


Useful videos to support with completing the tasks:


Tuesday – generating sequences with n


Arithmetic sequences are linear. This means that there is a common difference between each term.

e.g. 2, 5, 8, 11: common difference = +3

14, 9, 4, -1: common difference = -5


mymaths task:

  1. arithmetic sequence search
  2. Generating sequences


Do the first column of the questions on the first page and all of the apply questions.
You can work on a piece of paper or in a blank word document.

Wednesday – finding nth term




mymaths tasks:

  1. arithmetic sequences 


Do as many of these fluency tasks as you can within the time on a piece of paper or in a blank word document.

Thursday – investigations


For each investigation, work through the slides and generate a table of data. Then see if you can find an algebraic expression for the different values. You can see my answers below


MyMaths tasks:

  1. Flower bed investigation
    Let r be the number of rows and b be the number of beds.
    Can you write an expression for the number of slabs?
  2. Windows investigation
    Let w be the width and h be the height.
    Can you write expressions for:
  • the number of quarter diamonds
  • the number of short half diamonds
  • the number of long half diamonds
  • the number of full diamonds


Having spent the past few weeks revising lots of different aspects of maths, today we are going to do a mixed paper - not just arithmetic!


This is a non-calculator paper. You will need a protractor, ruler and a pair of compasses for Q7.


Q10 and 12 are about probability. This is a topic that we would have covered in class this term. However, due to lockdown we chose to focus on securing your other skills. You are more than welcome to try these questions but don't worry about them.


Please send me a message on epraise with your score (out of 34 (not counting the 5 marks for Q10 and 12)). Thank you and good luck!