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Last week, we revisited algebra and practised substituting numbers for letters and solving equations. We will come back to this in more detail. To start this week, you need to make sure that you have done the algebra work on p42-45 in your maths workbook. (You may have completed some of these pages in the autumn term with your class teacher. If so, make sure you have learnt from any mistakes you made then. For example, you could change some of the numbers and write your own version of the questions and a mark scheme) 




What does it mean when there is a number directly in front of a bracket? e.g. 3(6+4) 

Watch this video: 

Try the fluency questions.  



Can you remember how to expand brackets from yesterday?

Log onto mymaths to complete an exercise on single brackets. 


We have been looking at brackets because we are now going to revise BIDMAS. What does it stand for? 

Which is the correct answer? What have the others done wrong? 

(5 – 32) ÷ 8 

= 22 ÷ 8 

= 4 ÷ 8 

= 0.5 


(5 – 32) ÷ 8 

= 5 - 9 ÷ 8 

= 5 – 1.125 

= 3.875 


(5 – 32) ÷ 8 

= (5 – 9) ÷ 8 

= -4 ÷ 8 

= -0.5 

Do some revision of BIDMAS by completing the order of operations task on mymaths 



Today we are going to practise BIDMAS and using negative numbers. There are only 20 fluency questions but take your time. If you get a different answer, take time to convince yourself you have followed the steps correctly. 


If you think you need more practise using BIDMAS, you can work through these questions: 



Another arithmetic paper