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Please check the planner on Epraise for details of this week's homework.  Ideally, Epraise is our regular way of setting homework on the EPraise planner rather than setting homework on this page.  Please start to check Epraise regularly for teacher messages and information about homework. 

Please note that this week's Grammar and every subsequent weeks' will be set from a workbook given to them.

This week (set 30th sep and due 7th Oct)  is either Y5 CGP targeted question book p36 and 37 or Y3 book p36 and 37

Spellings given Tuesday 6th October for test on Monday 12th October

Grammar Homework set Weds 7th October due back on Weds 14th October

Complete CGP GPS Year 5 targeted question  book p38 Exclamation marks and page 39 Sentence practice OR CGP GPS Year 3 targeted question book p38 and 39 capital letters and full stops.