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Please check the planner on Epraise for details of this week's homework.  Ideally, Epraise is our regular way of setting homework on the EPraise planner rather than setting homework on this page.  Please start to check Epraise regularly for teacher messages and information about homework. 

If your child takes part in Freshstart, from Wednesday 2nd December, Their homework set will be based on the Freshstart sounds that they are learning and they will be provided with a sheet in an exercise book to be completed by Wednesday each week. Occasionally they will be set grammar work in their GPS book. This will support their phonics learning in school.


This week (set 25th Nov and due 2nd December) is Year 5 targeted question book KS2 English Grammar, punctuation and spelling Page 74 and 75 the shun sound
OR Year 3 targeted question book KS2 English Grammar , punctuation and spelling page 24 and p25 prepositions.