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Here are your daily MyMaths and CPG Booklet tasks

Please also continue to do your Numeracy Ninja starters everyday and your weekly arithmetic test paper.


In addition, if you would like more support or just more practice with a certain skill,

visit: corbettmaths or bbc bitesize 


WATCH - Introduction to square roots

Learn about the square root symbol (the principal root) and what it means to find a square root. Also learn how to solve simple square root equations. Practi...

MyMaths tasks -

1) Squares and cubes 


Booklet task

2) Complete page 17 in your KS3 Maths CPG booklet 


MyMaths tasks -

1) Place value hundreds thousands 

2) Place value beyond 10,000


Booklet task

3) Complete pages 5 and 6 in your KS3 Maths CPG booklet 


WATCH - BASIC MATHS - Multiples and Factors (for Key Stage 2 + 3, GCSEs, and Beginners)

Learn more BASIC MATHS by subscribing to us! Learn how to work out factors of numbers, and understand multiples! Multiple...

MyMaths tasks -

1) Multiples 

2) Factors and primes 


Booklet task

3) Complete pages 18,19 and 20 in your KS3 Maths CPG booklet 


WATCH - Round to the nearest 10,000, 1,000, 100 or 10 - 'We will round you' song

MyMaths tasks -

1) Rounding to 10, 100+ 

2) Rounding and accuracy


Booklet task

3) Complete page 15 in your KS3 Maths CPG booklet 


WATCH - Estimating adding large numbers by rounding

Estimating adding large numbers by rounding

MyMaths tasks -

1) Estimation introduction 


Booklet task

2) Complete page 16 in your KS3 Maths CPG booklet 

Weekly Arithmetic Test Paper